No to Welfare Abolition – UK Day of Action – June 16th

It’s our money, it’s our future, it’s under attack. NO TO WELFARE ABOLITION – UK DAY OF ACTION, JUNE 16th This is multi-millionaire Emma Harrison (right), owner of A4e, the UK’s most prominent private agency involved in “Welfare to Work” (having to work for your benefits.) We want to let her and her pals in…Read moreRead more

Debt Worries?

Debt worries?… you don’t have to stand alone! If you are receiving paltry pay packets or feeble benefits yet still struggling to pay outrageous council tax demands or simply trying to afford a decent home and stuff to put in it you’re probably in debt. If we allow it to a burden of debt can…Read moreRead more

“I want justice!” – worker demands unpaid wages from Tradebase

“I want to be paid for what I’ve done, I want justice. I’ve done my job, I should be paid,” Jean Philippe insisted to Judge Jane Porter at the Edinburgh Employment Tribunal on 11 December. He is claiming £468 in unpaid wages owed to him by Leeds-based firm Tradebase. But on 17 December Judge Porter dismissed Jean Philippe’s…Read moreRead more


Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty supports the workers in the Cleansing Department and other Council manual workers who are fighting the attempts by the City of Edinburgh Council to cut their wages and impose changes in their conditions.  Here is the latest news in this struggle which affects everyone in the city, and beyond. Street cleaners have…Read moreRead more

Support Jean Philippe at Edinburgh Employment Tribunal

“Support Jean Philippe to get the wages he’s owed. Come along to the Employment Tribunal to show Tradebase they can’t get away with treating their workers like dirt.”   Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty are organising a protest at Edinburgh’s Employment Tribunal on Thursday 3rd September. The protest is from 1pm till 2pm on Thursday 3rd September, outside the…Read moreRead more