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Solidarity with Unemployed Activist Arrested for Representing a jobseeker: Day of Action at Jobcentres Britain-wide 25 February 2015

Solidarity protest at Arbroath Job Centre Scottish Unemployed Workers Network activist Tony Cox was arrested on 29th January after Arbroath Jobcentre management called police to stop him representing a vulnerable jobseeker.  We urge you to join a Day of Action on 25th February at Jobcentres round Britain to show your solidarity. We must fight back…

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Demonstrators shut down workfare provider Learndirect in Edinburgh

9th October, Edinburgh: Demonstrators shut down workfare contractor Learndirect, as the company cancelled its session for jobseekers forced onto the government’s compulsory work-for-your-benefits programmes.  Learndirect’s office in Conference House, Morrison Street was besieged by around 60 protesters denouncing the slave labour schemes.  Learndirect are owned by giant private equity firm LDC, in turn part of…

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