Successful Day of Action Against Unfair PIP Assessments

The successful day of action against the unfair assessments for Personal Independence Payment saw demos in 17 different areas on 13 July.  In Edinburgh ECAP and others leafleted the ATOS PIP assessment centre at Argyle House in the morning, speaking to several claimants attending assessments. In the afternoon we were joined by people from Black Triangle, Disability History Scotland and other groups, including activists from Fife, in a demo around 40-strong at the Scottish Parliament.

With PIP being devolved, a petition was presented to the Parliament calling on the Scottish Government to cover the loss of DLA/PIP for all whose medical status has not changed according to the clinical opinion of their own GPs and specialists, pending the creation of the new Scottish system.

Photos and tweets from actions round Britain here

Edinburgh report and photos here 

Glasgow report and photos here  

Dundee report and photos here  

If you are applying for PIP or are on DLA and are being re-assessed for PIP, get advice and support asap, and if you have to attend an assessment make sure you are accompanied.

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