Support one another by joining ECAP! When it comes to solidarity we need as many people as possible, ready to support one another.

Solidarity Phone Tree

Please join our phone tree and help provide support for people who are having serious problems with the authorities, e.g. the Council, Sheriff officers, jobcentres & DWP, utility companies etc. Your commitments would be:

1. Getting an occasional phone call (almost always daytime or early evening) informing you of a solidarity activity. You are under no obligation to attend if it is not convenient for you. If you can make it then you go to the location where people are needed – could be a jobcentre, a workplace, a Council or other office, or it could be someone’s home, where sheriff officers are due to visit.

2. Calling the next number on the phone tree list, to tell them about the solidarity activity.

Solidarity Email List

Joining the email list, where you would receive regular updates about ECAP campaigns and solidarity actions. Generally one email a month. 

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