On this page we aim to highlight resistance to poverty, exploitation & oppression around the globe with the aim of encouraging more such resistance.

Freedom for Chilean Prisoners Uprising by the Chilean people December 2020

Secret Police on the Streets of Portland Interview with a Member of Black Rose July 2020

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone George Floyd Protests, Seattle June 2020

George Floyd statement fromAbahlali baseMjondolo June 2020

Fourth of October Couriers’ Strike October 2018
They oppose the ongoing financialisation of the housing market

Irish Housing Campaigners Seize Empty Properties September 2018
Opposition to the ongoing financialisation of the housing market

Chiapas to El Barrio, Connecting Global Women’s Struggles April 2018
Leading the fight against gentrification affecting low-income & immigrant communities: they succeeded

Foreman Road Settlement Devastated By Fire November 2017
To organise, mobilise and build alliances against the oppressive conditions that cause shack fires.

Legal Threats Against Tenant with Young Children September 2017
Brighton SolFed fighting for a tenant against Spencer & Leigh letting agents.

Teachers on Hunger Strike March 2017
Teachers in Turkey imprisoned & on hunger strike for their jobs.

Transnational Social Strike February 2017
Reports on conflicts with capitalism from around the world.

Report From the Netherlands September 2016
On forced labour in The Netherlands.

Southern California Worker Blues September 2016
Working-Class Struggles in South California Symbolize Blue-Collar Blues Across America.

Mayday Leaflet From Ecuador May 2016
Against the attacks of capital and the state.

Tenants Organise in the USA April 2016
Tenants in Portland are organising growing resistance to massive rent increases and evictions.

Report From Greece August 2015
Workfare politics: unemployment & class struggles in Greece.

Hartz Reforms Force Unemployed to Work in Fake Supermarkets April 2010
In Germany – a country that is often held up as one of the more Social Democratic states – reforms dating back to around 2001 implemented by Chancellor Schroder’s Red / Green Alliance brought about very similar attacks to worker’s rights that we are now facing in UK. Known as the Hartz reforms these:

  • Forced claimants to take €1 an hour jobs topped up by their benefits with penalties for not taking such work
  • Forced claimants to take work that had nothing to do with what they were qualified to do
  • Increased the rise of Mini – jobs previously used by pensioners to top up their earnings, generalising this through out the economy. Creating a climate of precarious labour with far fewer rights over contracts.

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