The fight against austerity is both local and global. Our movement is a collection of organisations fighting for the same goals and working together when possible.

Action Against Austerity

Action Against Austerity is a grassroots network of groups in Scotland opposing Austerity. The network formed in 2015 from signatories to the “From Yes to Action” statement. You can find out more on their Facebook page.

The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh

There are many different groups & activities based at ACE. Check them out on the ACE website.

Boycott Workfare

Working to end forced unpaid work, known as workfare, for those receiving social security.

London Coalition Against Poverty

LCAP is a coalition of groups linked through solidarity and direct action.

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

OCAP are an anti-poverty group which works in solidarity with the poor & homeless in Canada.




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