SHOP A WORKFARE EXPLOITER! Forced to work for benefits ? Fight back!

Tollcross, Edinburgh Salvation Army shop besieged by anti workfare protestors

Tollcross, Edinburgh Salvation Army shop besieged by anti workfare protesters

Tell Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty the names of any charity or company using the exploiting workfare schemes. You can do this anonymously, and we never reveal our sources.

We will contact the workfare user and explain why they should stop. If they don’t, we can then denounce them on social media, and organise demos against them. We have blockaded and occupied workfare users like the Salvation Army, Tescos, British Heart Foundation, Poundland etc, shutting them down for periods of time.

We are especially keen to learn which organisations the workfare provider Learndirect are using for Community Work Placements. This disgusting new workfare scheme forces people to work for their benefits for six months. But it’s only just starting, and has had a lot of problems and delays, so if we step up the action against it there is a chance of stopping the scheme in its tracks.

Information on workfare users will be especially useful in planning our Edinburgh actions during the Boycott Workfare Week of Action from 4th – 12th October.

We are also very keen to learn which exploiters are using Mandatory Work Activity, the Work Programme, Work Experience, Sector-Based Work Academies or any other workfare scheme.

And do contact us for support in resisting workfare.

Email Text or ring 07754 766822 Write ECAP, c/o ACE, 17 West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh EH7 5HA Phone 0131 557 6242 (staffed Tuesdays 12-3 pm)

Also denounce a workfare exploiter at

Anti-workfare blockade of the Salvation Army shop – Forest Road


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