High Riggs Hi-Jinks

Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty have published the first issue of High Riggs hi-jinks, a news sheet which talks about the reality of life at High Riggs Job Centre – and encourages people to fight back.

If enough of us come together to support each other, we can change what happens at the Job Centre, and stop them treating us unfairly – we invite you to join the ECAP solidarity network.  The news-sheet describes some victories we have already won by standing up for ourselves.

Articles in High Riggs hi-jinks include:

* An exposure of fraud by New Deal company A4e

* A first hand account of making an official complaint at High Riggs

* How to deal with dole snoopers

* An open letter to DWP workers

Click here to read the news sheet ‘High Riggs HiJinks’

We encourage people to print out copies to distribute (or pick up copies from ACE), and to contribute to the news-sheet:  e mail your story to  ecap@lists.riseup.net



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