Stop & Scrap Universal Credit: CANCELLED


It is important we don’t forget about this demo on the 1st of March: For the first time ever people in work could face being sanctioned (having their benefits stopped) if they don’t prove to the jobcentre that they’re searching for better paid work or more hours. Pensioner couples will also be affected if one of them is under pension age.

Universal Credit is an economic and political disaster bringing further distress and impoverishment to those forced to endure it.

To date at least £15.8 billion has been wasted on its implementation yet it will only save £1 billion by 2022.

No civilized Government should impose this on its citizens and no opposition party should want to simply pause and fix it. Data from the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (Cosla) suggests that in areas where a full roll-out has taken place, the level of rent arrears for tenants in the new system is at least 2.5 times that of those in receipt of housing benefit. Universal Credit roll-out areas generally have seen demand for foodbank parcels surge by 30%.

DPAC are holding a nationwide Day of Action on 1st March to Bring an end to #CrimesAgainstClaimants


Thursday 1st March – 1 pm

Leith Jobcentre, 199 Commercial St, Edinburgh, EH6 6JF

Edinburgh action called by Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty – grass-roots anti-austerity and disability rights groups invited to participate with their banners and stalls.

More info:

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Scottish Unemployed Workers Network, information on UC



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