Housing Benefit Two Homes Payment

If moving home and you need to pay rent for both the old home and the new home for a short period, it is possible to receive Housing Benefit for two homes temporarily. Check out the links page for more information.

Local Housing Allowance

Housing benefit for private tenants is called LHA – Scotland

Local Housing Allowance: The ‘bedroom tax 2’ background information

The Private Residential Tenancy (Scotland only)

Summary: from the Chartered Institute of Housing

Summary: from Shelter

The Warm Home Discount

Many people don’t realise they’re eligible for this. It’s provided through your energy provider so check out their website and see if a) you can apply b) you’re eligible. It’s a discount on your energy bill, even if you use a coin operated meter. Check out our links page under ‘Fuel poverty’.

Living Rent

Scotland’s Tenants’ Union.

Spencer & Leigh Make Legal Threats Against a Tenant with Young Children: Brighton SolFed Opens a Dispute

Brighton Solidarity Federation has started a dispute with the lettings agency Spencer & Leigh in Patcham. A tenant has been organising with SolFed after £510 was withheld from her deposit in order to change a lock and to have the property professionally cleaned. The tenant left the property secure at the end of her tenancy, and she also had it professionally cleaned prior to vacating it.

The letter from the solicitor is an attempt to intimidate a tenant with young children out of taking action for the return of her deposit – money that, as any tenant will know, is much needed and in short supply. We’re not surprised by these legal threats – anyone who has ever dealt with a landlord or letting agency will know that it is an industry that functions via bullying and intimidation. Indeed, the tenant experienced this during her tenancy, which was cut short and her request for flexibility ignored.



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