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Shocking surprise – ATOS profits don’t drip down to their staff!

We’re seeing more and more civil service jobs being farmed out to private companies whose staff get less training, pay, and  pensions while being offered poorer working conditions than the public sector. According the Atos Origin annual report for 2009 the company raked in revenue worth €5,127 Billion. This includes ‘solid growth’ across their public sector contracts…

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Housing Benefit

Changes coming into force from April 2011. The Government has introduced rules which make the changes listed below – the intention is to save £2 billion. They have used their media to push the lie that Housing Benefit is a disincentive to finding work. London figures show that 87% of claimants of Housing Benefit are in…

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Unemployed Win Against A4e Bullies

Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty (ECAP) have won a significant victory for the unemployed in the war against New Deal provider A4e, thanks to the courageous stand taken by one brave unemployed ex-miner, who despite threats and benefit suspension stood up to A4e for over a year!    This infamous multinational have been denying the unemployed who are forced to attend their compulsory workfare schemes the right to…

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