Fight the Racist GPOW test – resist restrictions on benefits for people from beyond the UK

ECAP and Oficina Precaria have successfully supported a EU Migrant claimant in winning Jobseeker’s Allowance benefits and the Permanent Right to Reside, and putting an end to his harassment by DWP. In this article we want to provide some notes about this victory and a few reflections that we hope can support organised solidarity and…Read moreRead more

Let`s Stop the Absurdity of the Genuine Prospect of Work Test: Building Solidarity with Migrants in Post-Brexit Britain

The solidarity call-out and the complaints filed by ECAP at Leith Jobcentre today resulted in positive news: the last minute cancellation by the DWP of the unfair Genuine Prospect of Work test on our comrade, an unemployed EU migrant worker who has been in the country working for almost a decade. Though this is only a temporary reprieve,…Read moreRead more