Huge Rise in JSA Sanctions as Government Cranks up its Attacks

A recent Citizens Advice Bureau Scotland briefing has reported a rise of 459% in sanctions against JSA claimants in a 2 year period. Between October 2008 and October 2010, the number of sanctions against JSA claimants increased from 10,700 a month to almost 60,000 as a result of some Jobcentre Plus offices setting targets for sanction referrals for JCP staff to achieve. That’s…Read moreRead more

A4e office invaded: “Unemployed have right to choose our own representatives”

Supporters of Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty invaded A4e’s Edinburgh office on 15 November to distribute leaflets urging the unemployed people attending the Flexible New Deal provider to stand up for their rights.  The action – organised as part of the Britain-wide Day of Action against Welfare Cuts – was in resistance to A4e’s refusal to…Read moreRead more