Living Rent force Edinburgh Council to act on High-Rise Fire Safety

Action by the Muirhouse branch of Living Rent has succeeded in forcing City of Edinburgh Council to repair two defective fire doors in the Oxcars Court high-rise.   Only after Living Rent called the Fire Brigade, did online publicity and contacted councillors and managers did the Council finally act to secure residents’ safety. The fire doors…Read moreRead more

Edinburgh Council Tenants Organise

The Council high rises in Muirhouse, Edinburgh are in a dangerous state of neglect.  The tenants’ health and safety is at risk from damp, asbestos and unresolved leaks. Enough is enough.  Now tenants in Muirhouse are organising through Living Rent tenants union to force City of Edinburgh Council to carry out much-needed repairs. On 6th September tenants are gathering…Read moreRead more

Stop the Evictions! Everyone has the Right to a Home!

Families from North Edinburgh facing eviction due to the Benefits Cap are taking action to insist on their right to a home. On 18 May dozens of people took over the Edinburgh City Council Chambers building as the Council held its first post-election meeting.  People also occupied the Council North Office in Pilton on both…Read moreRead more