Edinburgh Council officials are recommending approval for a destructive housing development in Muirhouse, north Edinburgh. Oblivious to the climate crisis, the council is set to approve the destruction of woodland and mature trees – unless we can stop them. Councillors are due to vote on the issue this Wednesday 12 th – Living Rent tenants union and other local activists are urging opposition.

The development includes the site of the old Silverlea care home on Muirhouse Parkway but extends over nearby woodland. Local activists oppose the development because:

The development involves the destruction of woodland and a significant number of mature trees.

The development destroys local greenspace in the deprived area of Muirhouse

The development will cut down mature trees which are capturing carbon dioxide – planting new trees in no way makes up for this. To destroy such trees in today’s climate emergency is completely wrong.

The development destroys a site for wildlife, including bats and deer.

The development is on the Green Belt, against planning policy.

With Edinburgh’s housing crisis, housing developments should be100% social housing – this development has 51 out of 142 properties so-called mid-market rent, which is not genuinely affordable for many people.

The location of the development and the inadequate provision of parking will cause traffic, safety, parking and noise issues.

You can email the Councillors concerned to urge them to reject this destructive plan – details below. We need 100% genuine and sustainable social housing built on suitable brownfield sites with no ecological destruction.

Will the Council see sense or will people need to prepare for direct action?

Email the Councillors on the Development Management Sub Committee to urge them to reject Application for Planning Permission 21/05056/FUL at Silverlea Old Peoples Home, 14 Muirhouse Parkway, Edinburgh. The meeting is at 10am this Wednesday 12 January.

Councillors’ emails :,,,,,,,,,,

Council meeting agenda (see point 4.5)

More information on why the development is wrong and on local tenants’ resistance

Full objection :

Summary of objection :

Living Rent Muirhouse

Six Blocks news-sheet

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