Stop Reckless Return to Compulsory Jobcentre Appointments

Resist All Sanctions

ECAP supporters gathered outside High Riggs Jobcentre on 18 June to give solidarity to claimants facing renewed sanction threats from the DWP.

“NO MANDATORY JOBCENTRE APPOINTMENTS” and “NO SANCTIONS – NO CONDITIONS ON BENEFITS” proclaimed posters plastered on the Jobcentre walls.

Claimants in Edinburgh and elsewhere in Scotland have recently reported being called into Jobcentres for compulsory appointments, and also being subjected to phone appointments where it was made clear that conditionality and hence sanctions were back in operation.

DWP management are pressurising work coaches, telling them they have to see 15 claimants per day in face-to-face appointments. Jobcentre workers and the PCS Union are telling the DWP this is reckless when the Covid pandemic still presents a real risk, with many younger people still without full vaccination protection. In a consultative safety ballot 74% of PCS members who voted, stated they were prepared to take strike action to protect their safety.

Jobcentres in Glasgow and Wigan have already had to close due to Covid outbreaks.

Remember claimants have the right to be accompanied to all appointments, whether face-to-face or on the phone. For phone appointments you can put your phone on speaker and have someone with you who can speak up to support you if you are being hassled or threatened.

ECAP calls on people Britain-wide to step up resistance to the re-imposition of conditionality, sanctions and compulsory jobcentre appointments. To join our regular advocacy stalls at High Riggs and Leith jobcentres in Edinburgh email us at or leave a message at 0131 557 6242.

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