Join the ECAP Jobcentre stalls!

Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty regularly organises stalls at Leith and High Riggs jobcentres in Edinburgh.

We do this

  • to give solidarity to claimants; if needbe we can accompany claimants into the jobcentre there and then
  • to encourage claimants to stand up for themselves, support each other and not be bullied
  • to resist the oppressive DWP policies like sanctions and the Way to Work scheme

Our next stall is tomorrow Friday 26 August 11am till 12.15ish at Leith Jobcentre, 199 Commercial Street – but we hold stalls every two weeks so if you don’t make it this time, you would be very welcome at future stalls

ECAP say that with the cost of living crisis worsening, we need to organise to fight back……


• the oppressive DWP ‘Way to Work’ regime

• covid-unsafe mandatory in-person appointments

• enforced weekly attendance at jobcentres

• all sanctions and benefit cuts

Everyone is welcome to come along to our jobcentre stalls and stay for however long you can make it. There is no need to say if you are coming, you can just turn up.

We hope to increase the frequency of our Jobcentre stalls to once per week, if you stay in the Edinburgh area and would like to help please get in touch via ecapmail at , no particular benefits knowledge needed as you would always be accompanied by experienced activists…

Stalls are weather permitting – we won’t be able to go ahead if it is raining heavily unfortunately! 

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