Strike Solidarity

ECAP urges all to give solidarity with the current wave of strikes. It is encouraging that different groups of workers are coming together and are being joined by community activists like Living Rent and climate change activists – hopefully more people are realising that there are no single issues and that all struggles are linked….Read moreRead more

Join the ECAP Jobcentre stalls!

Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty regularly organises stalls at Leith and High Riggs jobcentres in Edinburgh. We do this to give solidarity to claimants; if needbe we can accompany claimants into the jobcentre there and then to encourage claimants to stand up for themselves, support each other and not be bullied to resist the oppressive DWP…Read moreRead more

Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty has moved!

ECAP has moved with the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh to a new temporary base at Edinburgh Palette, 525 Ferry Road, Edinburgh EH5 2FF. Our weekly support sessions will continue every Tuesday at Ferry Road, starting from Tuesday 12 July – contact us to make an appointment. As many will have heard the Autonomous Centre is…Read moreRead more

Government war against the poor – fight back!

The DWP aim to remove the right for claimants in Scotland and Wale to conduct appointments by phone, from 31 January. So in all three countries of Britain the DWP are now flouting covid safety and pushing for ever more in-person appointments. On top of this is yet another new attack on claimants – the…Read moreRead more


WE WON’T DIE FOR “BUSINESS AS USUAL” ! Jobcentre Covid Safety Update 24 January – the right to phone appointments continues in Scotland and Wales but DWP move to impose in-person appointments in England The right for claimants to have the vast majority of DWP appointments conducted by phone is continuing in Scotland and Wales…Read moreRead more