Victory for claimants’ rights in Oxford

The fight for the right to be accompanied Comrades in Oxford have sent us this account of their struggle with a local Jobcentre to uphold the right of claimants to be accompanied to interview. Their determination and persistence was strengthened by the fact that they knew ECAP had gone through the same experience in Edinburgh,…Read moreRead more

Holiday break for ECAP Tuesday support sessions

As usual the volunteers who staff the ECAP weekly support sessions will be taking a break between Xmas and the New Year. Our last support session of the year will be Tuesday 19th December and the sessions start again on 9th January 2024, and will continue to run every Tuesday. If you need support for…Read moreRead more

More part-time workers under threat of sanctions

Repeated changes to Universal Credit over the last year have put hundreds of thousands more low-paid part-time workers at risk of being sanctioned. UNITE estimate that if the latest planned changes go through then a million low paid workers will be in danger of having their Universal Credit sanctioned . ECAP has been contacted by…Read moreRead more

DWP Sham Consultation on Work Capability Assessment Reform

The DWP has plans to reform the way Universal Credit and ESA claimants are judged to be too sick for work, and too sick for work related activity. This includes going through a public consultation exercise before changing the law next year. In addition to gathering online comments from individuals, the Government organised meetings around…Read moreRead more

New DWP pilot scheme threatens even more sanctions – resistance needed!

A new DWP pilot threatening Universal Credit claimants with even more sanctions has just started in 60 jobcentres round Britain including 11 in Glasgow and area. The DWP workers union the PCS has condemned the pilot scheme. The PCS say: “From Monday 27th February the DWP starts a pilot to force thousands of Universal Credit…Read moreRead more